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Production Engineer Huangyan Taizhou undergraduate - 10
Job requirements:

1. Fresh students majoring in organic synthesis, materials, chemical technology, pharmacy and other related majors;

2. Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, able to work under pressure;
3. Good communication and expression skills, strong logical analysis ability;
4. Experience in scale-up experiment and related process is preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for kg mass production of new materials, design and formulate relevant manufacturing processes and prepare corresponding technical documents;

2. Responsible for process optimization and technical improvement of kilogram mass production to improve production efficiency, product qualification rate and material utilization rate;
3. Participate in the research on the influence of manufacturing process on all aspects of product performance, and further optimize the process route;
4. Follow up and solve the abnormal problems in the process of mass production, and analyze and improve the problem points;
5. Be responsible for writing and sorting out relevant process reports and documents;
6. Other tasks assigned by superior leaders.
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