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  • Five insurances and one fund
  • Year end bonus
  • Education and training
  • Promotion
  • Employee stock ownership
  • Subsidy room and board
  • Paid annual leave
  • Holiday gift
Job benefits and policies
1. The company adjusts the employee's salary and pays the year-end bonus according to the labor market situation, local average wage and employee's work evaluation every year.
2. The company pays social insurance and housing accumulation fund (five insurances and one fund) for employees.
3. The company provides three meals and accommodation free of charge for employees. Meanwhile, regular physical examination is carried out, and the couple's room allowance and paid holiday leave are provided.
4. The company has set up table tennis room, billiards room, reading room, video room and other activity areas, so that employees can enjoy a healthy and rich cultural and entertainment life.
5. The company has a labor union, which distributes labor protection articles to employees every quarter, presents gifts to employees on festivals and birthdays, pays attention to employees' work rest and production safety, and provides protection services for employees' rights and interests.
Talent strategy
He is dignified in manner and behavior, polite in words and deeds, grateful, strict in self-interest and lenient in others, and is not proud of his or her achievements.
He is outgoing in personality, enthusiastic in dealing with others, active in activities, bold in undertaking and never giving up.
Be dedicated
Sense of responsibility; self-motivated; love work; happy work; respect the fruits of labor.
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