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Product structure
OLED is composed of multi-layer organic thin films with thickness of 10-50nm. Different films play different functions. Under the action of external electric field, electrons are injected into the electron transport layer from the cathode and transferred to the light-emitting layer; holes are injected from the anode to the hole transport layer, and also to the light-emitting layer; in the light-emitting layer, electrons and holes meet and emit photons.
Product preparation method -- vacuum evaporation plating
In the high vacuum environment, the material in the crucible is vaporized by heating, and the material vapor passes through the mask and is deposited on the substrate to form a thin film. This process is called evaporation plating. The multilayer OLED can be prepared by evaporating different materials in turn.
Support and Application
Complete production, testing and R & D platform:
2000 square meter scale-up synthetic production site with a monthly synthetic capacity of more than 2 tons;
Full set of analytical and testing equipment: PL, UV, TGA, DSC, LC-MS, UPLC, GC-MS, and CV;
1200 square meters of 1000 class clean room, can accommodate 20 sets of sublimation device, currently has 5x300 small molecule sublimation instrument, purification capacity of 500kg per month;
All production processes conform to ISO process standards;
Research and development laboratory, each laboratory has 8 lampblack hoods, which can accommodate more than 50 synthetic engineers at the same time;
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