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What are the main materials of OLED materials? Market scale analysis of OLED materials
Article category:Professional Knowledge    Reading: 36054    Time: 2020-10-21 14:48:48
The upstream material manufacturing end of the OLED industry chain includes raw materials - OLED intermediate - OLED sublimation materials - OLED terminal materials, the midstream is OLED panel, and the downstream is consumer terminal such as TV, mobile phone, VR equipment. There are many kinds of OLED materials, including anode materials, cathode materials, buffer layer materials, carrier transport materials, luminescent materials.

OLED materials mainly include two parts: luminescent materials and basic materials, which account for about 30% of the cost of OLED screen materials. OLED luminescent materials mainly include red light subject / object material, green light subject / object material, blue light subject / object material, etc. OLED general-purpose materials mainly include ETL, eil, HIL, HTL, HBL and EBL. With the optimization of device structure, there are more and more kinds of materials. Among them, OLED is the key material and organic light-emitting layer.

OLED terminal material production and organic material technology are in the hands of foreign companies. At present, OLED terminal manufacturers are mainly Korean, Japanese, German and American manufacturers, including Samsung SDI, LG Chemical, Deshan metal, Doosan, Soko, bortugu chemical, UDC, Merck, etc. The main threshold of restricting new entrants is the patent of sublimation materials. At present, most of the mainstream organic material technologies are owned by foreign companies, and foreign companies have provided patent protection for these technologies. Domestic enterprises are mainly engaged in the production of OLED intermediates and monomers. Domestic suppliers of OLED intermediates and monomer crude products mainly include Wanrun, Xi'an Ruilian, Puyang Huicheng, Beijing agleya and Jilin aolaide, among which Wanrun, Puyang Huicheng and Xi'an Ruilian have achieved mass production and entered the global OLED material supply chain. The main industry barrier of OLED intermediates and monomer crude products is the approval of downstream manufacturers. These enterprises that have entered the OLED supply chain will benefit from the rapid growth of OLED demand. According to statistics, in 2018, the market size of OLED materials in the world and China was 1.258 billion US dollars and 1.517 billion yuan respectively.

Domestic OLED organic material products are mainly intermediates and monomer crude products with low technical content, and few high-purity sublimation products. Only Beijing DingCai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "DingCai technology"), Guangdong aglaiya photoelectric materials Co., Ltd. and Jilin aolaide photoelectric materials Co., Ltd. are the only manufacturers to produce them. However, in view of the development prospect of OLED in the Chinese market, it is believed that domestic OLED material enterprises with technical advantages and layout in OLED organic materials will be expected to break the situation.

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