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China's OLED panel's combined monthly production capacity increases by 300%
Article category:Industry News    Reading: 34783    Time: 2020-10-30 12:21:27
According to businesskorea on the 29th, Samsung has drawn up an investment plan to expand the monthly production capacity of the sixth generation of small and medium-sized OLED panels to 30000 pieces, and LG display plans to increase the monthly capacity of the sixth generation of OLED panels to 30000 pieces.

Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturers such as BOE, Tianma and vicino are expected to increase their combined monthly production capacity to 137000 units this year, which is about 300% higher than last year. Among them, BOE's B7 plant in Chengdu will increase its monthly production capacity from 16000 last year to 32000 pieces this year, and vicino will also expand its capacity by 30000 pieces. Csot and Hehui will expand their production capacity by 15000 pieces this year.

The OLED panel is estimated to be in short supply by 2020, and the investment competition between China and South Korea will continue for several years.
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